May 27, 2011

Meet Steve Conley

For me, success came early. The jury is still out on whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.

I had the privilege of being the first independent operator of an Allstate Insurance Agency in the State of Missouri .  I’ve represented professional athletes.  I’ve coordinated championship boxing matches for Don King Productions. I’ve been married.  I have three beautiful children and 2 wonderful grandchildren.

I have not punched a clock since 1981.  I have had my ups and downs, but thank God, so far I am like the proverbial Phoenix,  always rising from ashes to excel in Something Else.


Entrepreneur die-hard and Idea Creator

I can’t deny the truth of this label.

We Care WorldwideDivine WorldwideWe Care DomainsBeyond BeautifulSkylign Products, Divine Comedy Jam, Planet MochaYoung CEOs, High School CEOsBlack Hair Project.  These are some of  my  recent creations.  Where others see problems, I see opportunity.  For example, several years ago while listening to Aron Ranen  talking to Michael Baisden  (Michael Baisden Show), I realized that one of my companies could help solve a problem.

That realization led me to leverage my Website Tools (We Care Domains)  company, along with my    passion for helping Black people bring the Black Hair and Beauty business ownership back to the communities it serves, to create the Black Hair Project.  Today the Black Hair Project operates as a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a pathway for Economic Reciprocity in the multi-billion dollar Black Hair Industry.

When Langston University LINC project needed additional resources to establish an online community, I volunteered my resources to assist in developing what is now LINC’s Stem Digital Village. I did it because I believe in what HBCU’s are all about.  I also did it because my partner suggested it to me.  In the scheme of things, it may not be much, but I am very proud of this collaboration.  People around the world can see that We Care Worldwide supports great causes.

Top Producing Sales Professional, and very proud of it.

Say what you will about the merit of being in Sales.  What I know is that the people who make the most money are at the top of their sales game, whether they work for a corporation or for themselves.  At the end of the day, everybody sells.

I am grateful to have received high marks for accomplishment in a number of companies. In some cases, I was actually on a payroll even though I was an independent contractor.  That’s a wonderful situation, if you can swing it.

Talent Manager

I earned my stripes as a  Sports Agent, and as an events coordinator for Don King Productions. Both of those experiences taught me so much about people and selling.  It was not a tea and crumpets environment, but then I’m not a tea and crumpets kind of guy.  It worked for me, until it didn’t.  I moved on.

Today, I manage a variety of Talent.  But what I learned in the sports world is applicable to all I do in this area.

Event Management

I will forever cherish experiences at Africans Unite Against AIDS Globally, where I am currently Vice President.   I was blessed to  serve as an event coordinator to help AUAAG plan and coordinate an International AIDS Summit, as well as the largest AIDS awareness concert in the history of the planet in Nairobi, Kenya (over 500,000 attendees).

I gained favor again to serve as  Executive Producer a nd Director of the largestSupermarket of Veterans Benefits Expo in U.S. History at Chicago’s Navy Pier. www.veteransbenefits.us received over 80,000 hits per month, and the event which usually gets 400 – 1,500 attendees, had attendance of over 25,000 veterans.

I’m finding that all my previous experiences are put to good use in just about everything I do.  I am blessed to be able to continue to follow my heart, and I hope make a difference.


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